I can help you buy, sell, trade and pay for goods and services in real-time without the fear and risk of scam, frauds and the wrong or defective items delivered to you.

Why buyers/consumers choose us

We protect your scarce and hard earned resources (Time & Money) from the possibility of fraud.

We maximize your satisfaction for every resource spent.

We guarantee up to 100% refunds or remake on unsatisfactory goods/services

We ensure you only do business with the most trusted sellers/vendors/service providers.

We ensure efficiency of your resources by ensuring prompt delivery of goods/services to you.

Why sellers choose Us

We increase consumer trust in goods and services

We increase Brand Visibility and drive sales up

We improve consumer satisfaction with your business

We ensure your selling prices and delivery fees are paid for in full before delivery is initiated cutting out inefficiency arising from un-serious customers.

We hold customers to agreed terms of contract ensuring efficiency of business operations.

How SafeTrader Works

Step 1

Buyer and seller meet-up to discuss and agree on price and other transaction details.

Step 2

Buyer contacts SafeTrader to provide details of the transaction and make payment to SafeTrader.

Step 3

SafeTrader contacts the seller to inform them of the payment and also to view and accept the transaction details.

Step 4

Seller delivers the goods/services of the transaction to the buyer and notifies SafeTrader.

Step 5

Buyer confirms receipt and inspect the goods/services, the confirms same on SafeTrader.

Step 6

SafeTrader disburses payment to the seller and the transaction is completed.

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